I hesitate to think what Mithun's house would look like....

I just read a discussion on Ultrabrown about various filmy stars' homes, including the clever observation that Shahrukh's house "comes clad in see-through nylon mesh, just like its owner," which I think is just about the funniest thing ever, and now I'm wondering if during parties the mesh ever suddenly changes colors, or becomes be-sequined, or if it ever randomly shows up around the Pyramids or billowing on a mountaintop, or what effect it has on Kajol if she happens to drive by. This is a great sub-discussion in my little research project on domestic architecture in Hindi films. Thanks, Ultrabrown!

And now three completely unrelated things.

1) My second Bollyversary is coming up - on the 18th, to be precise - and I'm opening up the floor to suggestions for how to celebrate. As if going to Austria and getting to meet Babasko, Michael, Maja, and others isn't enough. If you were around for last year's, you'll remember what I did, and I don't think there's any particular reason to repeat that, since SEL never did come calling.

Update to post (February 9, 2007): I know! I'll celebrate by picking up one of these from Ganesha when in London at the end of the month!

That's a SRK-printed handbag. They also have Amitabh, which actually looks better, but this dil only goes mmmm for the King. Maja, why didn't you buy one (other than that they're $50, most unfair)? And how many other great t-shirts do they have?

2) I saw a picture from New York fashion week of Russell Simmons wearing a shirt with Hindi on it. I can read it, but I have no idea what it means.

3) Watch this space for a special Valentine treat from moi to vous. Oder von mir zu euch, maybe. (My German stinks, I know.)


aliciahuberman said…
I believe Anahat means immortal, but am not 100% sure...
I really enjoy your blog btw :).
Damozel said…
Anahat means Eternity... I think the T-shirt plugs Anahata Yoga - which focuses on the anahata centre or the heart centre. This could be helpful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anahata_Yoga
Damozel said…
oops: It should have been 'Anahata chakra'
babasko said…
the amitabh one. i neeeeeed the amitabh one. puleeeeeaasseee
Maja said…
I didn't buy it precisely because it's $50, Beth :( I wanted both the shirt and the bag (and almost everything else they have in the shop), so I had to pick one and the shirt was just cheaper. Next time though, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
I only saw two other Bolly-related t-shirts, a baby pink one with Aishwarya and a white one with a crazy print of SRK from (so the shop assistant told me) Josh.

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