I believe the word is "geeked."

A certain social networking website - which I happily admit is not at all my favorite thing in the world, partly because it provides another forum for bubble-headed writing with eight exclamation points in a row and features eye-scarring layout and graphics - has given me a reason to like it a little more than I used to. After all, a good laugh is priceless (dekho my dosto).


Sharon said…
thaaat... isn't real. is it?

i mean, is it really HIM?

(i'm totally asking the wrong person, aren't I? :-P)
I have no idea. It doesn't quite read like an obsessed fan - which clearly I would recognize :) - but it doesn't quite read like any sort of secretary or professional marketing person wrote it, either. Then again, neither do lots of Bollywood subtitles. Who knows. It's too amusing to worry about!
Maja said…
Teehee! I have "SRK" on my friends list, lol. Haven't been able to find Abhishek. Yet :p I have no idea what to do with the thing anyway, other than add bands I like to my friends list and join random groups ...
*adds Beth to friends!*
Anonymous said…
You are still going to post here, right?

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