I've just spent half an hour using pencil and paper to diagram the Kapoor family tree...and then the Roshan/Khan group. And I was about to tackle some of the other Khans when I realized just how long this particular project had taken, and that I had better get back to Shaan - quite possibly the greatest movie ever, by the way - while the getting was good.


Impressionist said…
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Impressionist said…
I am sure you would have seen this -

Anyway, happy building the family tree.

I am fascinated by how almost everyone is related to everyone else in Bollywood.
Anonymous said…
I love family trees - and I made one of the Kapoor family half a year ago. Can't say if its complete or if I missed some of them (theyre really are too much Kapoors to keep track of), but anyway, here's the link:

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