By "New York," do you mean "Illinois"?

This is so not the news one wants to hear when one is home sick. At least there's an explanation for why I had to go get my own ice cream. It's times like this that the "FP" in FPMBF begins to wear a person down.


Anonymous said…
Hey beth, know this may make you feel bad and sad for your FPMBF, because I myself like Akshaye but I get the feeling he's a bit depressed and this interview makes me feel sad, and the fact the he kept smoking :(,001100030003.htm
That is sort of a downer article. He sounds ill-at-ease with a variety of things. However, it does give a clear indication that my hopes are forever dashed - I'm really not that good of a cook, and anyway, I'm not about to do all the cooking for someone who clearly has enough money to hire professional help.

I think I may need a new FPMBF....
Unknown said…
How about Abhay Deol? Dimples, check. Theater cred, check. Famous family, check. Available, check. Would look great in pink shirts.

Hope you feel better soon.
Maja said…
Bah, it looks like all our FPMBFs have taken it upon themselves to dash our hopes at the same time ... How rude!
Ashley said…
Umm, I think she's an older woman. Oh, no wait.. that was a movie.

It should have been you.
Aspi - interesting! I'll check into it! That might bring me into too close a proximity to Esha for my taste, but still, worth a look.

Maja - I know. Stinkers.

Ashley - thank you dear! I am, however, thinking of throwing him over for an even more FP man. I'll keep you posted.
Daddy's Girl said…
Awww... but hey he's only dating her... at least wait until his uncle goes to see a famous astrologer or something... are you really going to get a new bf??? Noooo. LOL

And LOL at your comment about cooking!
Keith said…
I, on the other hand, just learned that Manisha Koirala lives in New York now, so let the stalking commence. I mean, really -- about 90% of her films are horrible to everyone but me, so I figure my chances are pretty good in such a thin herd. Right? RIGHT?
Anonymous said…
You can have one of my FPMBF if you need... I mean, really need... since I'm a little greedy, really.
babasko said…
Oh nooo. I´m so sorry. But from what I heard from my fpmema he just spoke to her and the press is making too much of it ;-)

If. IF you´re really on the look out for a way to get back at your fpmbf I would suggest Jimmy She(i)rgill. you read right. I know you´re not too big a fan of men in uniform but wow, i finally got around to watch Yahaan yesterday and wow (sorry keep repeating myself here) you might want to reconsider the uniformophobia.
Persian Rider said…
For anyone who's interested (that's you, beth!) there's an interview with Akshaye on this week's installment of the BBC Film Cafe with Raj and Pablo!

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