shut it

Okay, Mr. Eros Entertainment announcer, let me tell you something: though I happily lump myself in the category you call "hey you Bollywood freaks" - and I'll assume you don't mean that pejoratively - I've just about had it with your endless commercials. You go on and on and on, telling me things I already know, advertising movies I have either already seen, already have on my list to see, or would never in a million years watch. And you never let me FF. I'm a loyal customer who believes 100% top A-1 in your product, and still you hold me captive. What gives?

Oh, and the one name that's responsible for spreading Bollywood worldwide for the last 25 years? It's "Amitabh Bachchan." You're welcome.


Anonymous said…
Ah, Eros disks. Endless commercials, horrible picture quality, unsubbed songs - gotta love 'em. At least they're (usually) cheap.

This sometimes works: when you pop the disk in and the commercials start, hit stop. Then hit the "Menu" button on your remote. On many disks, this will bypass all the Mr. Eros announcements and take you right to the film menu.
JR said…
God, I hate that Eros guy, and I hate it that I can't FF. AS IF I REALLY NEED TO HEAR HIS SPIEL AGAIN.
Keith said…
You guys are assuming that just because you purchased something, that means you should be able to not watch forced advertisements for something you just bought.

Seriously, I don't speak Hindi, but I can recite the dialog from that rice commercial by heart.
Anonymous said…
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