"Bollywood stars, Malaysian ministers to play football".

Does this remind anyone else of the Monty Python skit in which German and Greek philosophers have a match?

Just imagine. We'll have our boys on one side in their shiny shirts and pleather pants, all choreographed in perfect formation, flinging their arms out while they wait for the loudspeakers to blare music for them to start lip syncing, and then they just look around confusedly when they realize they're still on the soccer field and not in the Alps; the Malaysians might be too busy to notice as they debate trade agreements and tax bills.


Anonymous said…
I thought I should bring this to your attention as a recent atricle & some research on my own disturbed me to no end.Please listen to these following clips.
& then listen to

Talk about blatant plagiarism.Only in India can people like Pritam(Music Dir of Dhoom 1&2) can get away with stuff like this.He is a serial offender actually.ALL the songs(huge hits) of ‘Woh Lamhe’ & ‘Gangster’ are direct lifts from other songs
Kya mujhe pyar hai [Woh lamhe (2006)]
Blatant lift from the track, ‘Tak bisakah’ by the Indonesian band Peterpan.

Listen to
Tak bisakah
Listen to:

The one that eally shattered me was one of India’s all-time favorite songs–Chura Liya by R.D Burman( One of India’s favorite composers) was also an ‘Inspired’ song. R.D.B was a big-time plagiarist apparently.
I was most shocked to see one of my favorite songs Chura-liya(Mehbooba from Sholay, Dum Maroo Dum & many many more) by R.D Burman a copy too.He aslo apparently was a big-time plagiarist !

Even the incomprable A.R.Rahman copies too–but only very minor stuff like opening interludes etc-Never the tune itself– Do check out the website

the guy who started it is amazingly insightful in his blog!

I know that I’ve digressed far from the topic at hand (Dhoom 2 The movie) but I felt it necessary to bring to your readers’ attention thru your blog.The next time I hear a good tune I can’t help but think of where its been ‘lifted’. Movies are copied all the time but something about copying a 5-min tune and passing it off as u’r own that is inherently disturbing.I know that Film music is not u’r area of expertise but this is integral to a Movie’s success and hope that you will consider writing about this. U’r own cogent thoughts on this will be most welcome by all!!
Anonymous said…
I know this very off topic but you need to check out these music launch of Salaam-e-Ishq pics, I'm sure you'll be extremely happy haha based on your annoyance towards Akshaye's rapper outfit before

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