A Pakistani/Indian/Persian/Danish artist named Aneela has remade* the craptacular "rap" song "Informer" by the Canadian "artist" Snow. Now, as you all know, I like Indian pop culture, and I like Canada, but this does not compute. You can see the video for "Chori Chori" in the usual places or just listen on her website.

Oh, right, that's where the Bollywood connection comes up - she does"Say Na Say Na" from Bluffmaster, and she has another song that sounds just like it on her site, but I think it's got different words in parts, but what do I know - this is getting into levels of remixing and sampling that make my brain hurt.

This song was brought to my attention by my friend Jason, who does counter-terrorism for the US Navy, whose offices apparently have muzak, and their current station of choice included this. Jaosn, ever attuned to international pop culture trends, alerted me pronto. Which is only fair, considering the dreadful Chinese pop music he's subjected me to in the past.

Anyway, Aneela, thanks for Bluffmaster, but where were you going with the whole Snow thing?

* At least, I think it's a remake. Maybe it's a just "inspired by." Or it's an installment in a new international series based on "Informer," like Munna Bhai.


Sharon said…
is it just me or is her voice rather... annoying? It's forgivable in 'say na say na' simply because the song is catchy, but otherwise - argh.

and the green/teal eyeshadow she always seems to be wearing? [singsong voice] tacky! [/singsong voice]
Anonymous said…
It sounds too much like the original to be "inspired" by it :D

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