quite possibly the only way to make insurance more interesting

This morning's fifteen-minute research project is to track down information on - and preferably footage of - Bollywood-inspired commercials for Metlife Insurance aimed at the South Asian-American (do I need another hyphen in that?) community, complete with music by Eshaan and Loy. Two of them won some sort of award. You can see at least one of them here, but this is clearly not one of the ones described in a review of the project here. So maybe there are three ads? Anyway. I'm all for them.

On another note, I heard that now that Google owns youtube, there is going to be a bit of a crackdown on the latter's hosting of copyrighted material. I've long been wondering how that was legal, since it all seemed a bit Napstery, and I never felt entirely comfortable with what youtube enables people to do with copyrighted stuff, but for me to comdemn it would be hypocritical, largely because I do use and enjoy it.


Sharon said…
youtube won't last much longer, more's the pity. :S

have you seen aamir khan's coke ads? they're pretty much all on youtube, i think.

btw, you MUST watch qurbani and tell me what you think.
Alan said…
I like the Metlife ads and how they are a take off on the Hindi film format.

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