hugging my earphones

Thanks to a tip-off from alert reader icy, I'm now listening to the Salaam-e-Ishq soundtrack and it is nine kinds of wonderful. I'm on the third repeat of the title song, which I love so much it makes me squish my earphones to my head so I can get the maximum amount of happy from the sound. (If anyone walking by in the hall saw me, they'd probably say I look like an over-eager backup singer in an incredibly low-budget recording studio, but never mind.)

Also in Salaam-e-Ishq's favor, my FPMBF showed up to the music launch looking slick and sane, if woefully underutilizing his ability to look fabulous in a rainbow of colors (pink, perhaps). I do wonder what has happened to his hair, though. Is he actually balding, or is this just another in a series of too-close haircuts? Kinda makes me miss the mullety days of Taal.

(thanks, IndiaGlitz)

Update to post (later that day):
Gah! Thanks again, icy, for filling me in on Akshaye's tango with the razor.

(Thanks to for the picture.)


Anonymous said…
No, I don't think it's a haircut issue; I'm afraid Akshay's hair is making a run for the border. But he still looks very nice in that pic! Is that you acompanying him? If so, I like how the Indiaglitz logo is providing a festive hair ornament for you!
babasko said…
ek: i love the super-short hair on your FPMBF´s head :D

do: i´m hopelessly addicted to the S-e-I titlesong ever since I saw the first trailer. And in the meantime I also cannot get enough from "tenu leke" and "dil kya kare"
Anonymous said…
Cathy's right (not to mention funny): he's been losing his hair steadily for a while now. He's tried three options so far (1) some terrible wigs that didn't sit right in the back (first seen in Humraaz) (2) floppy hats that looked like they'd been laundered under the wrong setting (first seen in Shaadi se Pehle) and (3) short hair (first seen in Dil Chahta Hai) which is a brave and stylin look for him. He could try implants like Salman, but I think (3) makes him look unique and suits him well.
Anonymous said…
Not too long ago, he was in the news for shaving off all the hair on his head- he was completely bald, so he grew back his hair in a new head hugging cropped style which is why the hair is looking more different than before.
Anonymous said…
The new hairstyle, is actually much better. Its very hard to judge it from that pic, he doesnt look that bald from the front? (Hmmmm).
Anonymous said…
Are there any pictures of Akshaye actually wearing pink? I remember looking for pictures of various actors to put on the site but I couldn't find any pink Akshaye. And that's a real shame ...
I like the music, too. It's not as amazing as the Guru soundtrack, though. Still, the title song has been playing for days now and I still enjoy it.
Aparna said…
I like Salaam-e-ishq songs...listening to them now.
I like a few from Guru too...but not all.
While I am at it, when I want to hear something totally crazy, am listening to 'Bhagam Bhag'!
Keith said…
Looks like someone is getting ready to play the role of the villain in a SHAAN remake...
ajnabi said…
I seriously love every. single. song on the S-e-I soundtrack. It's one of the very few movies I can say that about!

(I followed this link from the jaman link you gave me before. Is it free to register? I couldn't quite tell.)
Keith - oh lord, how did I never notice this comment before! Can you imagine how happy I would be if Akshaye played Shakal? SO HAPPY.

ajnabi - yeah, Jaman is free to register, and you get two free rentals. They also have over 35 Indian movies you can watch free streaming right now - mostly art films/parallel cinema, but some more mainstream stuff too. I highly recommend it!

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