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Finally I have gotten around to writing something over at Bollywoodbloggers. Maybe now Michael will say something cute about me again. I have such a platonic international crush on him (a list which is taking on alarming proportions lately, must do something about that).

Tomorrow is Umrao Jaan at the art theater. I'm so excited to see all the pretty on the big screen even though everyone says the movie is terrible.


babasko said…
speaking of platonic international crushes... i had micheal over for dinner already...nanana na naaa na

oh and umrao jaan. well god luck and god speed :-) no, i somehow liked it (and it really has some terrific eyecandy) but its sooooo slow...
Then Michael is indeed a very lucky man! Especially because my cooking is not of the variety that would tempt somebody across an ocean. A little creek, maybe, but definitely not an ocean. But he will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.

Aside to Michael's girlfriend: I'm totally kidding. And anyway, he's not even the front of the line, what with Akshaye and Akshay and all.
sanjay jha said…
'subhkaamnaye' to
babasko said…
ok, before anybody gets the totally wrong impression here LOL

a) the dinner was perfectly jovial as the participants were Michael, his girlfriend, my husband and me.and no, there were no tragic KANK like undercurrents ;-)

and b) we had ceylonese take out *g*
Maja said…
"Tragic KANK like undercurrents" LOL :D

I agree with babasko, I wouldn't say Umrao Jaan is terrible, I didn't exactly suffer while watching it. But maybe I was just too distracted by AB2.0 on the big screen, with all the gorgeous Sultan clothes and the horse and the rings and the brooding looks, and ... yeah *cough*
Lidia said…
superb! Loved the comparisons between Umrao Jaan and you! It's weird, sometimes i think Abhishek is gorgeous and other times i'm just like - he's an international heart throb? But the pictures i've seen of him so far in this movie do drive me to buy the dvd!

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