{horrible Karisma singing}happy birthday Big B{/horrible Karisma singing}

So do your favorite awkward dance step, put on your best flared pants/-collared shirts, quote a line, flip a coin, and have some paan. Right on, Big B. Right on.

(Or something. I'm really tired and poorly-versed in classic Amitabh movies. But I will be ready for SRK's birthday on November 2.)


SPM said…
I remember one. Kasme Vaade.
Randhir Kapoor and Raakhee singing to Amitabh, on his birthday.
Anonymous said…
I think us BollyBloggers should do something for SRK's b'day, what do you think?

We should all blog about our fav SRK movies, songs, dances, fave pics of his... fave lines... how about heroines you enjoy being paired with SRK?

Just a thought that came to me..cause since he is the "Baadshah of Bollywood" and loved by millions the world over, let's honour him?!

Pity we didn't think of that for the Big B. Oops!
Sharon said…
Movie Rec: You must must *must* watch Amar Akbar Anthony. It's the epitome of 70's masala movies - brothers separated in childhood, good-twin-bad-twin, a bodyguard named Zibisco, opportunistic miracles - it has it all. :D
Maja said…
Yay, I loved Amar Akbar Anthony!
And great idea, Sheetal. I haven't managed to keep track of filmi people's birthdays so far, so each one takes me by surprise, but I'll make a note of SRK's birthday so I'm ready for it.

Sheetal - I had just emailed Michael about that very idea for Bollywoodbloggers! Let's do it!

Sharon - excellent idea. It's next on the list. Officially!

Maja - mark it down! Maybe you can organize a party for your new friends!
Anonymous said…
YAY! I'm so glad you guys are keen! Today was the day of procrastination...so I did more blogging instead of essay-writing etc...lol :>

Anyways, for those of you who don't know, I write for a Bollywood mag here in South Africa, and each month I compile the list of actor's B'days - so maybe we can do this for some of our fave stars - what do you think?

Beth: Thanks for emailing Michael!

Last night I watched "Phir Milenge" (Shilpa Shetty, Abhishek Bachan & Salman Khan) and I've just posted my thoughts on it, so please check it out, guys ..and leave me some comments :)

Bye for now

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