Won't they need an exhibit developer to properly display the "Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe" pleather parade?

The other day, a friend in Mumbai mentioned that he had just been to a new pub, the Hard Rock Cafe. Putting aside my confusion at the notion that this restaurant is still opening new branches, the most important question is: does this open the way for an Indian pop culture-themed restaurant chain in the US? Please? 'Cause I'd totally go. I'd even work for them - somebody has to choose the memorabilia, right? I'm pretty sure it's a more bankable idea than those unengaging and somehow totally lifeless Bollywood dolls.


babasko said…
oh you´re a sneaky one. but then i always thought that your work in the museum was only a smoke screen you could hide your real intentions behind.

on the other hand. if you get to choose the memorabilia, and i know you. can i get an invitation to the gala-opening?
Aparna said…
Me agrees...such pubs area much better idea than dolls...:)
Babasko - Of course I'd invite you. Like I'd go to a Bollywood gala of any kind without you! And a dashing desi on my arm, naturally.

Aparna - hurrah! So, should we start one up or what? As usual with projects like this, I have neither concrete ideas nor capital...but I have...um...enthusiasm! Yeah, that's the ticket!

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