highlights from the first 20 minutes of Khushi

I really love this movie. It always makes me happy, and after being home sick today I thought I'd close out the day with it, but now I'm up later than I should be because I just can't stop with the screen captures.

Kareena wearing...um...well, yeah

Fardeen dancing with cheerleaders

and Fardeen doing...whatever this is

Plus "Good Morning India," which I did indeed sing as I crossed the Hooghly Bridge. And all of this is in the first 20 minutes. Jam-packed with goodness.


Sharon said…
oh, wow. that is a seriously demented picture of Kareena.

Honestly, I'm scared to scroll back up the page now.

ggop said…
This is your favorite movie? Please say fave cheesy movie! I wasted $8 going to the multiplex for this one. Gah! :(
Oh no. No no no. It's not my favorite movie. I just really enjoy it, mainly for its ridiculousness and, as you say, cheese-o-rama-ness. Although I can't say I think it's any more ridiculous or cheesey than the average Hidni comedy-romance.

For the record, these days my favorite movies are Bunty aur Babli and Main Hoon Na.
--Sunrise-- said…


aaahhhh... where would we get our khushi from if not from the cheesiness of Bollywood? :D
Sunrise - so true, so true! Cheese for everyone!
MP said…
khushi is the remake of a tamil film of the same name, and they made a poop job of it!

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