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from: bethwatkins
to: babasko
re: What is this nonsense?
9:40 am
Sanjay Dutt's Lady Love Nadia Durrani

from: babasko
to: bethwatkins
re: What is this nonsense?
11:07 am
you want to know what really happend? he was piss-drunk. (yeah its all my fault, he wanted me to come down and i said, no i cant.. my sisters baby and all) and so he took out his friends and they filled him up. yeah and you know how he is when he had one bacardi-coke too much...he gets emotional. this nadia woman. well she´s a friend. nice girl actually. but no competition for me :-) so i wouldn´t read much into it.

from: bethwatkins
to: babasko
re: What is this nonsense?
11:49 am
Ohmygod, I totally understand. You give Akshaye a drink too many and he ends up dating Tara Sharma - I mean, Tara Sharma? c'mon* - for way too long.

from: babasko
to: bethwatkins
re: What is this nonsense?
11:55 am
see. our boys. you only turn your back to them for ONE minute and thats what happens.why do we keep up with that kind of behavior. oh right i remember.

Thanks to Our Bollywood for the gossip!

* Update to post (September 25, 2006): I just found out that Tara Sharma does a lot of stage work and graduated from the London School of Economics. I'm officially ashamed of myself and retract the above "I mean...c'mon" statement. I'm smart enough to know that you should never hate the sister - it's not her fault he forgets about me periodically. And at least this proves he doesn't have issues with brainy women.


Maja said…
Oh dear. Boys, boys *shakes head sadly*
Anonymous said…
ROFL! You girls are out of hand!
See, this is why the married ones are a better option. At least you know where you stand. ;0)
Sharon said…
*backs away slowly*
Sharon, don't leave us! We love you!
babasko said…

Beth! How could you!
Now the math starts to get complicated. Imagine the Venn diagrams here. If we each have five FPMBFs - which in itself is a fine idea, and quite reasonably argued - we would quickly start to overlap, and we would become each other's causes of consternation, and that just won't do at all. It's one thing to be annoyed at assorted Bollybabes, starlets, and random other sorta famous types, but it's something else altogether to fret and dither about one's FPMBF being out with Babasko or Abby or t-hype.

For example, we all know my #1 FPMBF is Akshaye. But who would fill out numbers 2-5? There's Aamir, and I don't believe he's been spoken for by any among us as of yet, so that works out well. He's definitely my #2. And then I really do like Saif and Abhishek, but they are both spoken for. And #5 would have to be Kunal Kapoor - because, you know, damn - but he too is already on someone's list. Save an elaborate time-share method, how would we even schedule all of this?

My head hurts. And, as usual, Akshaye is nowhere to be found when what I really need is someone to kindly bring me a ginger ale and pet my hair.
Sharon said…
Venn Diagrams? Math? I thought we were here for the hotties! :P

Re - FPMBFs: Who *isn't* spoken for? Is there, like, a FPMBF database? I call dibs on Ritesh Deshmukh, if he isn't already taken.
Oh, we totally are. Sometimes we just have trouble turning off our brains at the appropriate times.

And yes, you can totally call Ritesh. I believe there are others who fancy him too, but he is not their #1, and #1 ranking is of utmost importance.

This is hilarious. I know the FPMBFs of people in other countries whom I've never met. Ah Bollywood - bringing people together!
Anonymous said…
hahaha! funny!

Hi Beth...hope you're doing well. Today I wrote aobut Mistress of Spices that I watched last night, so check it out if you can and let me know what you think :)

South Africa
Michael, darling, of course you can play. How could we even think of playing without you? All you need to do is vote!
Aparna said…
I think this is an awesome idea.
My top 5 FPMBF (Till the time they change i.e.):
1. Aamir Khan (my crush since I was 11)
2. Abhishek (more before, when he was clean shaven, less jazzily dressed, less now, but there's no one who replaces him, not yet)
3. Akshay Kumar (very sexy, and aging like old wine...delicious)
4. Hrithik/Shahid...want to dance with them...
5. Akshaye Khanna (he is at #5, mainly because i don't want to compete with Beth, no, she loves him too much...but damn his killer dimples)
Excellent work Aparna! Very glad to see Aamir is topping someone's list, especially a smart someone such as yourself. I also like that you like the less menacing version of AB 2.0; I myself perfer the stubbly one, much to my amazement, becuase generally I'm afraid of facial hair.
Aparna said…
especially a smart someone such as yourself.
For just that remark, Beth, next timeyou visit India...drop in at my place and stay with me...will take you to the Hyderabad's version of Film City - Ramoji Film City...which you can occasionally catch a glimpse in the david dhawan-govinda movies. And all other tours on me...promise!

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