wow: Being Cyrus

What isn't to like about this movie? Everything about this movie is really, really good. It's smart. It's funny. It's weird. It sounds fantastic. It has funky plot twists. It lets you feel confused - maybe even conflicted - about characters who are complex and engaging. The acting is nuanced, engaging, fun. And let's just come out with it: as one of my friends said, Saif is a rockstar in this movie. It's so incredibly good and interesting that I have nothing else to say.

Except: Saif? Damn. Dimple sure knows how to pick 'em, doesn't she? Maybe she gives lessons.


Maja said…
Aw man, I saw this DVD in HMV in Nottingham and I almost bought it, but it was so expensive I changed my mind at the last minute. I'm definitely buying it next month when I'm back there!
Anonymous said…
I saw this and I was like Damn, Saif is good. He played the character nicely.
Maja - do get it. You'll like it, I think, even though in many ways it's not at all Bollywoody.

Stella - Totally! He's fantastic. I always enjoy him and now I'm on a mission to find as many of his movies as I can.
sanjay jha said…
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Vijayeta said…'ve run into the KANK haters too :(
But if you believe in the magic that's Bollywood and love all our films, do go and watch it. Also, when you find the time, read this about KANK. The writer is a famous journalist, kinda like the Indian counterpart of Christian Amanpour of CNN!
She's said it best, why KANK should be watched, and why most people are uncomfortable with it!
Vijayeta said…
As the pre-production and casting has begun for the film that i wrote, i'm deeply worried now... Why do people have to have such violent reactions for a film? It's a film! It's supposed to be a fantasy with a happy ending! Not a documentary which quotes statistics :(

P.S. Just needed to rant :(
Anonymous said…
maja, me to hasnt bought it yet. perhaps soon, perhaps when its less expensive :)
babasko said…
a friend borrowed me a very bad copy. and i so want to like this film that i did not dare to watch it yet...don´t want to spoil it. but i really need to. soon. i´m so curious.
Movie Mazaa said…
Oh yes!! Thats one movie that shud never be missed!!!


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