slow photo boat to India

(What? Does that even make sense? No? Well, I'm tired, okay? And I haven't had any coffee all day.) Finally, my photo album for India. [For whatever reason, these appear in reverse chronological order in each album (or in the slideshow or film loop thingy) - so if you want to see things as I took them, start on the last page of each album and go forward. No idea.] I had over 1,000 pictures, so these are just my favorites. Rather, they are my favorites that do not need me telling you what they are in order to be appreciated. These are my self-guided favorites. I'm going to make a whole separate album for the movie-related pictures, as there are quite a few of those.

Meanwhile, my friend Kamla today said she thought India has high emotional productivity, and that really struck me as a very clever and insightful thing to say. I'm sure I'm not qualified to talk about the country as a whole, but I'd certainly agree with that statement as it applies to movies. Which is one reason I love them so.


Anonymous said…
Hey Beth:

Here is the rest of the quote ;-)

India is emotionally enriching and fulfilling, but when it comes to work it is diametrically opposite non-productive and is amazing how non-productive you can become chasing after the phone guy, the dsl guy, the computer guy (because your pc suddenly decides to go on the blink because of some malware that was accidentally loaded onto your system....) etc. etc. It is difficult to be a DIY--do it yourself kind of person--you are at the mercy of others.

Of course, these are stereotype statements and therefore exaggerated statements to make a point :-)

No offense meant to anyone at all.

babasko said…
Ohhh, I love the pics. I want more. More. More. More.
Anonymous said…
and one pic of beth, cute cute :)
Maja said…
O god yaar, just after looking at the first page of the first album, I'm completely in love. Beautiful pictures of Taj Mahal, Beth. And there's even an elephant!
Velu said…
Great blog! The snaps are neat. Please keep blogging. I don't suppose you'll run out of things to talk about India
Anonymous said…
Velu, we'll never allow beth stop blogging. akshaye would never talk to her if she did - nor would i ;)
What lovely friends! Thank you to all for the kind comments. I can't imagine I'll ever stop blogging; certainly the Bollywood project will go on and on, and as for India, well, I am quite serious about going back as soon as I can (which means I need to figure out how long it takes to get a visa when the US government isn't taking care of that for you!), and in the meantime doing heaps of reading and learning and talking with people about it. (Dekho! I'm having lunch tomorrow with the university's Hinduism and Indian literature professor so we can talk about potential collaborations and projects.) And anyway, don't we all have a film-themed trip to India to plan? Velu can organize cool site visits in the south, right Velu?

And Michael, you are totally shameless, and I adore you for it. Such a tease!
Anonymous said…
shameless? that's how an advocate has to be, is't it?
babasko said…
I´ll second shameless in connection with Michael. He is in the process of social engineering me into cooking dinner for him when he visits Vienna in October...
Movie Mazaa said…
I was looking at those fine pics that u had managed to click, especially the ones in Kerala. :) great work, beth!

NB: For a moment I thought when I had commented, when I saw the other Velu on the comment list, LOL. ;)
michael said…
a so called dej√° velu ;)
Deja velu. Tee hee. I too was confused by the Velus! But the more the merrier eh?

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