Reading "Bollywood": The Young Audience and Hindi Films

by Shakuntala Banaji

Has anyone read this?

I have half a dozen unread books on Indian cinema scattered around my house, including the completely wonderful-looking Lights Camera Masala, snagged at the just-as-wonderful Gangarams in Bangalore. The university's library has dozens more, many of which I have checked out, stared at, and then returned because I was unwilling to engage in academic-ese frippery. Newly energized for reading, maybe I'll get cracking on them, finally. I have to be in just the right place for nonfiction, even if it is superwow nonfiction.

And some good news: the local art theater is going to show KANK in September. On the same night as the Indian Student Association is giving bhangra lessons. And the same night I have to work a fundraiser auction for the museum. Bunking work for KANK would be fun but I certainly don't want to risk kanking my coworkers. Here's hoping for an afternoon show too.

As I write this, "Madhorama Pencha" from Monsoon Wedding is on my itunes and I'm thinking about how one of my very bestest friends is about to get married, and while I don't know if she'll actually let me give her mehendi - which, let's face it, would be foolish on her part - I know that the days leading up to the wedding, and the day itself, are going to be as much fun as I always imagine the women in that story are having. I don't need something as dramatic as a wedding to gather my girlfriends together and hang out and sing and eat and laugh, and we actually do that all the time, but I'll certainly take any occasion that comes. Shava!


babasko said…
ohhh you have lights camera masala. i ordered it like 236940019 crore days ago and still no word on it. is it really really nice, huh?
Maja said…
Mmmm, lovely books. Especially Reading Bollywood looks really interesting.

And my best wishes to your friend who's getting married :)

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