the lieblingest

Readjusting to life outside five-star hotels is a little rough so far - yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds, but you'd be surprised how quickly you can get used to it; besides, there's no fresh jasmine on my dining room table and last time I checked no one had come by to make my bed and put a card with a sleep-related quote by Keats on my pillow - but Michael is really easing the transition.

Also, somehow while I was away I missed reading about what is surely going to be my new favorite song. Thanks again, Michael.


Maja said…
I knew I shouldn't have clicked on the Taj link! Maybe when I'm all grown up, I can afford to stay in a hotel like that ... Jasmine = my favourite flower :)

Hello, Akshaye! *waves*
Anonymous said…
oh these eyes *melting
babasko said…
Yaahoooo, just found out that "Aap Ki Khatir" is going to be screened in Vienna with a 99% probability. Saw the trailer yesterday before Omkara. Akhaye bahut accha hai on the big screen. Movie is going to be crap I fear but hey - he´s sort of my fake-pretend-brother-in-law so i´ll need to watch him

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