KANK it ain't

This is not nearly as exciting as Totally Basmatic's on-set adventures, nor do I have my picture taken with the same caliber of star, but it's all I've got, so here you go. Here is a preview for Mongoose Production's Pagal Dil, the Bollywood-ish movie I was an extra in in June. At 00:43 is a snippet of the big dance number; I watched it three times and can't see myself anywhere (I'd be on the left side of the screen and am wearing a pink sweater and black skirt). My university quad looks pretty, though, and you get a peep at of my favorite lunch spots as well. You may notice that the movie title is translated as "crazy love." Is that right? Does "dil" ever mean "love"?

Aside: how many posts am I going to make with KANK in their title? I haven't even seen it. Geeze.


So... what's with the big fake mustache?

From what I can see of the big dance number, I really love the choreography.

*runs around the room with hands in the air*
Anonymous said…
quad looks beautiful. when was this shot ? I've been in the campus all through the summer!
Maja said…
HA! That was one intriguing trailer. I love the guy with the giant fake mustache.
Sheetal said…
it looks good..i'm keen to see it :)
Beth said…
Hi UIUC anonymous person! This was in mid- or late June. ANd yes, the quad is purty!

The guy with the mustache is OF COURSE the villain! I think. There's a scene where he wears a red cape and a bunch of kids chase him around. It's pretty funny. The screening is November 25. I'll host a gala bash if anyone wants to come!
babasko said…
LOL looks like a real funny weird thing :-) i´d love to come to the gala-bash but i´m afraid i´ll have to send in video greetings due to date collisions..
UIUC_Anonymous said…
Now that you've given me a name, I'll use it.

btw..in addition to Annapoorna and Rentertainment, there are a few bollyflicks in Urbana Free lib too. Judging by your voracious apetite for hindi films, I guess you would have already seen them!
Beth said…
Thanks UIUCA! I'm looking at the catalog and finding some Indian films I haven't seen - some I haven't even heard of! I love a good tip! And if you ever want to join in on movie night, you know where to find me.
uiuc_anonymous said…
They have lots of Indian movies..it just that they aren't cataloged properly. You might have to search for specific actors/actresses to see the whole gamut.
btw..when is the movie night ?
Beth said…
Oh, there's no set movie night. I meant, if you ever want to get together and watch movies, let me know. I can rustle up at least two other people. And will you be going to the garba/raas/bhangra thing at the Union? 'Cause I definitely am, even though I am a crap dancer.

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