Balle balle!

I wish I could remember what song was playing when this picture was taken. What's funny about this is that Rajan looks completely calm and collected, whereas I am pink-cheeked (shall we blame the stage lights or the Kingfisher?) and bewildered (but having a wonderful time), which is not at all a bad summary of much of the trip. Now, obviously this is not at all a flattering picture, but I'm postoing it because 1) maybe this will sate Michael and Babasko, who wanted footage of me dancing as an extra in a Bollywood-style number in a local independent film, and 2) it was a superwow evening that truly should be documented.


michael said…
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)
Unknown said…
Is that henna on your hands?
Movie Mazaa said…
Bolo Tara rara!
t-HYPE said…
You look like you are having TOO much fun!!!

babasko said…
Babasko khuch hua :-)

aur mehendi bhi! very very cool!

if you were trying to scare me away from our succeded. I know now I will loose. Ok. You can have Inder too.
It is indeed mehendi! My cool friend from the Times of India took me to have that done the third day I was in India. It was so cool to watch the woman do it - such an artist. I fear that the insane amount of sweating I did in India made it wear off too fast; although it could be that I didn't set it quite properly, despite having lemon juice from a fresh lemon that Debbie sweet-talked out of the bartender at the hotel bar.
Oh no! She can do the balle-balle! And turn all rosy-cheeked while at it!

Darn it! Must think of something to up that!

*slinks away muttering*
Maja said…
Yay fun picture!

Now I'll have Balle Balle from Bride & Prejudice stuck in my head all day. Which is not a bad thing at all!

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