Drat. I had this long post written about going to see Krrish then some weird stuff happened on this computer. I am at shall we describe it...jerryrigged? "cyber cafe" (no cafe by the way) which Debbie and I reached via a ladder. Like a bunk bed. Oooh it's like camp! Anyway this keyboard is weird and lots of the keys don't work including the commma. Anyhoo.

11 people in my group came with me to see Krrish. It was great fun. I can't say I thought it was a really great movie or anything but we all enjoyed ourselves (except one who left at intermission) and Hrihik was very popular among my female colleagues. We all followed the plot decently enough perhaps helped by my en route narration of the basics of Koi Mil Gaya. Which by the way sounds a lot stupider when you try to explain it to people who don't watch Bollywood. "There's this guy and he's a space not an astronomer...and he has this machine...then he dies...but his" You can imagine I'm sure. I thought Hrithik did a great job at playing...what was that? four different characters really? He did very well and as Filmiholic says you could look into those eyes forever.

T-Hype when I get to Bangalore your item is at the top of my shopping list!

In case you are not reading the other blog it's immportant to know here that I am now in Mumbai. I can hardly believe it. Last night I went to the Gateway of India with a very suitable boy and sat and looked at the sea enjoying the cool breeze and the amazing reality of finally being in person with someone I felt I've known for so long. And then it started to rain. It was perfect. I mean can you think of a more filmy introduction to Mumbai than that? Being unaware of social norms in India as I am I thought maybe having only spent ten minutes in real life with someone even if they are very filmy might be a bit too early to demand a dance in the rain - although I'm kicking myself for it now. So that will wait until my subsequent trip to the Gateway (which is tomomrrow morning). Shame there are no suitable boys in my group. I know what you're thinking and no Rajan is not suitable although I might be able to get him to dance there. Yes actually I bet I can! Ha.

Anyway. I love it here and I can't wait to come back. Soon.


Movie Mazaa said…
gr8 to know that u had fun watching krrish. and hope u fed the fluttering pigeons @ the gateway, true bollystyle.

bangalore!! move further south, and u r right where i am! :) kerala - thats what its called.

PS: in case u havent noticed, basmatic has been spreading wild rumours around that u hv just bagged a few films opposite some of the biggest Bollywood biggies ever. ;) see her blog for further details. :)
Anonymous said…
I accidently came to your blog. I used to live in India and I still miss the tropical rain- the sound, the smell and just what it does to you when you are there. I never danced in the rain but I came close to it- enjoyed getting wet in the rain with my sweet-heart. I hope you get to enjoy more of this...
t-HYPE said…
Beth, Mumbai sounds absolutely fabulous!

p.s. Glad to know I'm still on your list! ;0)
alienvoord said…
Krrish was very enjoyable - but it could have used more Krrish leaping over cars and less Krishna acting silly in the mountains. But those scenes where Krrish was leaping around Singapore were amazing.
Awww...rain in mumbai and you right in the middle...I'm sure you had a blast! As far is Krrish, the story I agree wasn't all that engaging but I love the cinematography, so fresh and young and colorful!
Adam Smasher said…
Happened upon this page because I loved Krrish. Fun movie, though it might be tough for some American viewers who want slam bam action and wont like waiting for over half the movies run time, before he dons his mask.

But I loved it - the romance, music and drama, all part of what makes Bollywood enjoyable.
Adam - I still need to see this again (with subtitles!), almost 3 years later! I remember some good Hrithik dancing, though :)

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