kabhie gham, kabhi khushi

I got Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon! from the grocery store last week, and it is with great sadness that I report that it is not subtitled. It also has two watermarks on the screen at all times, one that moves around and one that is smack in the center of the screen. Grrr. But I'm watching it anyway, because it looks cool, and it's good to test my powers and see how much I can figure out.

However, one of the many useful lessons of Bollywood is that there is often something funny or heartwarming just around the corner - and there's little a dance number can't cure. So I'm putting on my Bolly-colored glasses because it's my birthday and I refuse to let a lack of subtitles get me down.

Update to post: look what Babasko made me! Truly superwow! And Akshaye, you are enough all on your own. No trinkets required.


Anonymous said…
oh, happy birthday :) obi wan has all said, i suppose, so i will just send my warmest smiles to you...

bye the way, maine madhuri dixit banna chahti hoon is one of my favorites, cause its some way as i am - the way i understand dreaming and friendship. so enjoy it (and sweet antara i so cute.... *smile)
Maja said…
Happy birthday! :)
babasko said…
Happy, happy birthday.

I´m a bit late, but its all Akshaye´s fault, he drove everybody crazy today, as you can see here ;-)

babasko said…
stupid me, the link is supposed to be like that:
beths birthday
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!!
Obi Wan said…
I simply loved 'Main Madhuri Dixit banna chahti hoon' when I first saw it. The sad thing of course is that cinema halls ran empty when it was released! The highpoint of the movie is the song 'unse mili nazar to asar...' with it's crazy dance movements.

I just typed out a whole huge bollywood birthday song and now it's gone! :(

Ah well, I'm two days late, but happy birthday doosri aurat*!

When do you get here?

*Other Woman

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