guilty favorite picturization: "Good Morning India"

I can't get Khushi's "Good Morning India" out of my head. I have long maintained that if I ever got to go to India, I would learn and perform this song, so I guess I best get to it. Someone can help me rewrite any of the Hindi that needs to have its gender flipped. Anyway, since now I actually get to think in a structured way about being in India - which still amazes me and I can hardly believe it's true! - this song gets stuck in my head often. Such as right now. Here's a verse so we can all sing along together (even though I don't know what the non-English bits say really).

It's 6 A.M. I love you mom
I'll have some corn flakes mujhe milega dum
I'll have a shower and a shave
Listen to music - it's gotta be rave*
Put on my jeans and Provogue shirt
Ladki dhoondoonga with a short short skirt
Mere dil mein phool khil rahe hai
Chaand tare din mein khil rahe hai
Pyaar hone ko hai, dil khone ko hai
Oh, good morning India!

Oh, good morning India!
Oh, see you tomorrow, oh darling India!

* This is not what hindilyrix says this is, but I've heard the song a lot and I stand by my interpretation.


Ladki dhoondoonga - 'I'll look for a girl'- so I'm guessing your song would say, Ladka dhoondoongi (I'll look for a boy).

So the 'short short skirt'? Your call completely!

illusory motion said…
I'll find a girl with a short short skirt...
Flowers are blooming in my heart,
In the day are shining are The Moon and stars,
Finding Love - it's got to be
Losing the heart - it has to be!

And so on and so forth.
I tried to rhyme it but it sucks in english...or maybe just my translation attempt does.
THANK YOU lovely ladies for translating for me! And yes indeed, ladka dhoondoongi - and I have never turned down a Scotsman - although not Fardeen, no way, no how.

And Azuregoddess, I think your translation is lovely.

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