better than a tootsie pop

How many Kevin Bacon-style steps does it take to get from me to Akshaye Khanna? (Or Aamir or Hrithik?)


That's right. All this plotting and fretting, all this daydreaming and mooning around, and it was as easy as pie all along. Turns out one of my favorite penfriends has met all of the above gentlemen. My source remains nameless, as this person is completely loveable and fabulous on their own merits, and I will have no one pestering them for party invites and the like. But still. You'd think it would have come up. (And that it didn't is a testament to the source's independent, individual loveliness.)


t-HYPE said…
I am desperately and awesomely jealous. You know I am! No pestering but if their looking for extras, you MUST give me a call...
Oddly, it is not knowledge that comes through the film industry! So I know not of extras. But obviously we should go to Mumbai and make ourselves be extras.
t-HYPE said…
Oooooh! That makes it all more interesting...
Anonymous said…
You are also only two steps from SRK, Big B, Abhishek, Preity, Rani, Karan Johar, and Kirron Kher. I was an extra for the upcoming KANK and once I spoke to Big B for my student newspaper.

The world is smaller than you think.

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