if only it came in pill form

Head is swimming with goodness. I just went down the hall at work to the medicine cabinet, looking for tylenol to fight off a very bad headache (so bad it made me wonder if people who practice traphaning may in fact be on to something), and I was introduced to one of our new student employees who lo and behold loves Bollywood too! We've just had a spirited conversation from Sholay (her: "I can't believe he dies!" me: "Me too, me too!") to Bunty Aur Babli (her: "They're so cute!" me: "I know! It's so pink and happy!" her: "It's great!")

So I add to my list of things I like about Bollywood its persistently rose-colored powers. You have to know where to look, but I've learned. It's hard to maintain a self-indulgent melancholy when you're watching Rani do her Lucille Ball hommage, seeing a really good arm-fling, or overwhelmed by rollicking pink cheer.


I agree. If only Bollywood came in a pill form! It would not solve World Hunger but it might help the country's GNH. (Re: Bhutan's vision for development is not towards a higher GDP but rather a a higher GNH: Gross National Happiness.)
I love the GNH idea! I want to know more! And in the meantime, I will work on my Gross Personal Happiness, which at least I have a fair amount of control over!

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