balle balle in the most sincere and superwow way

I'm going to India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer! I have been selected to participate in a Fulbright-Hays summer seminar for educators, and the program I'm in is called "Broadening the Knowledge Base on India." You can read about it here and also see a list of the places I'll be going. And that's about all I know so far - I am waiting a big formal packet from the US Department of Education ("Plenty of Children Left Behind, Thanks Very Much") with more information.

But in the meantime - YAY!!!!!!

And to my dear penfriends in India - Obi Wan, trivialmatters, and AFJ (anyone else?) - your towns are all on my itinerary....

update to post March 30, 2006:
Look who sent me a note!

update to post (March 31, 2006):
linky to my trip blog, which will have a better description when I figure out a fancier or funnier thing to call it


Heyyyyy Beth! This is such good news! I am so happy for you! We certainly shall meet! What fun!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! Sounds like it will definitely be superwow!
t-HYPE said…
How exciting! I am infinitely jealous! Take your best camera so we can see all your travels.
Obi Wan said…
Hurrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Splendid piece of news on a day which hasn't started too well... but hopefully there'll be a turnaround after this news :-) Looking foirward to meeting the celebrity in person!
Anonymous said…
take me with you :)
illusory motion said…
If you wanna meet some Bollywood Celebrities while in Mumbai,let me know and I'll try my best to hook you up...
Anonymous said…

Very excited for you!!

- Rachel in NS
Unknown said…
Splendid !!!! You must be so kicked.
Now, look at that! Saif calling you too!
Anonymous said…
Hello, I hope you don't mind my random comment but I can totally relate to your excitement! I am waiting on a big formal packet myself. Congratulations and I hope you have a great time in India! :)
Sonia said…
have a nice day
Anonymous said…
Superb Info here,
What a fun post :-) I must say that i am really impressed to read this stuff here. I look forward to read more stuffs from you. I am also digging this post. Totally enthu about this great post. Wish you good luck for your future Endeavors.

Texas, United States.

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