whatever: Kyon Ki

This is another movie for which I should follow Thumper's advice, but I just used that method a few posts back, so here's what I'll say instead. I turned it off before it was over. I didn't even FF to the end. I just quit. Someone let me know if I'm missing something.

Aside to costume designer: is Salman really wearing a shirt that says "out-law trucker" while he threatens to immolate himself for Maya's love? He is, isn't he?


I love when you say things like that! It lets me know I'm not alone on being unengaged by something. Kyonki was the other item with my disc of Salaam Namaste, so at least I didn't seek it out on purpose.
Obi Wan said…
First Dil Ka Rishta, now Kyonki!You arecertainly playing it dangerously Beth!
Kyon ki? Why?

Nope. Haven't seen it. And don't plan to.
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, you didn't miss anything in "Kyon Ki", quite the contrary: The last ten minutes of this abysmal picture are a disgrace.

Two films on one disc? Are you sure you purchased a legal one? ;o)
I'm sooo glad everyone agrees! I felt guilty turning it off - although not enough not to! But I am intrigued by the last ten minutes now....

Not at all legal, I'm sure!
Unknown said…
it's interesting, cause it's the only bolly film i've ever walked out of. i only went cause i had one night to go to the amazing raj mandir cinema in jaipur. it seemed to be a bad re-make of "cuckoos nest"
Bollywood said…
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Now I'm really considering trying it again! Aaaah! I really do like Kareena, so that might be enough of a pull for me to jump back in. All this talk about the end does intrigue me! As for what I was annoyed by, I don't have the faintest memory except that there was a song that seemed like it should have been a video game - kind of gothic wreckage-looking, big guitar chords - and that was my breaking point; if I recall, I had been confused by the plot up to that point as well.
Bollywood said…
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Kat said…
Hi, Beth,

I'm Kat, from North Carolina, USA and have been watching BW films for a bit over a year now. I really got into them while recovering from surgery and am now really and truly hooked! My first film was K3G and now my collection numbers almost 80 BW films (Induna and Eros Entertainment have fed my new addition. ;) ).

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