these occasions must not go by unmarked

I think my Bollywood one-year anniversary is coming up! I'd have to dig out last year's calendar to be sure, but I think I watched MDK in February 2005. To celebrate, I shall begin a ten-year email correspondence under an assumed identity. Excellent. These sorts of things always turn out well.

Better celebratory ideas are welcome.


Obi Wan said…
Great news! In addition to the 10-year correspondence with someone like Hrithik, you could also start learning a Hindi song, and sing it on the anniversary. And better still, why not start a Hindi movie script? You definitely have the right sensibilities for it :-)
What song, what song? I have the melodies down on lots of them, but even with a printout of the lyrics I do very badly at them. (Yes, I look up lyrics to things, print them out, and sing along with my DVDs. I'm a Bollywood nerd and a choir nerd. Bad combo.)

And a finer compliment than having the sensibilities to write a script has never fallen upon my ears! I can't imagine I'm up to it, though - my "disbelief suspenders," to quote a friend, can make it through a four-hour movie, but I think they'd fail during the months it would take to write something. But the thought is very, very entertaining. Anyway, I need to start organizaing that book series first.
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Why don't you ask us to vote? List about 4 or 5 songs and we can choose which one you will sing? :)

You should write the book. No questions/votes/doubts about it.

About the script, I second Obi Wan. Do write the script and maybe even direct it too. Get other people to produce it though. For moral support and otherwise help, I am right here
Obi Wan said…
And so am I of course :-)

I'm not saying this just for the heck of it, pls do give it a thought seriously. I really feel you will write an excellent script.
Anonymous said…
I agree!
Well, if I write a movie, it's obviously going to be a vehicle for Akshaye Khanna. Maybe it'll be that one that Bollyhoo suggested. Write what you know, after all. Although I do really enjoy the letter-writing device of MDK and...that other one with Hrithik whose name I can never remember. This one. Hmm....

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