in a soup! in a soup!

(I know I already said that about SRK, but I'll be keeping him company.) What have I gotten myself into? I have just been practicing my song for the weekend, recording myself on whatever random software came on the computer. It is not pretty. You'll have to trust me that I really am quite a competent singer, but you'll hear no shred of it here, apparently. I have nightmarish visions of being the clip that gets forwarded around offices - "Hey dude, check this out - this chick thinks she can sing! Huh-huh!" What I've learned so far from this is that it is very hard to sing like a pop singer and not sound like a moron. This I think is why pop princesses everywhere are tempted just to belt it, hoping that loud and big make up for talent. They do not.

Anyway, if I can compress the file down to something manageable, what you're going to get is me sitting with my laptop in front of my stereo. It sounds like I'm in the shower, minus the comforting background of water. I probably should do this in the shower - singing in the rain is tres apropos, n'est-ce pas?

Also, like most sane people, I hate hearing my own speaking voice, which is why I will try very hard not to break into giggles or commentary while I do this. So far I have yet to make it through without laughing.


Obi Wan said…
Don't worry Beth, your fans will lap it all up!
Dunno why you worry! You did an excellent job!

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