you deserve a major movie star today

I had forgotten how much I enjoy Bollywood stars' commercials - for example, Aish, Rani, Hrithik, and Aamir frolicking around for Coke and SRK, Saif, Preity, and Kareena for Pepsi. I like that in some of these they're actually acting - pretending to be college students or anonymous writers in an email relationship - so the company gets the recognition of their faces, but they don't always have to say, unimaginitively, "I'm Bollywood's most respected actor and I like xyz product." And even my disbelief suspenders can handle 45-second minifilmi.

These also have the srange appeal of being largely incomprehensible, and I happily drift along in the magical world of universally recognizable stock behaviors and corporate logos. In Aamir's "Piyo Sar Utha Ke," for example, I can tell that some touching and inspiring moments are happening and that Aamir is telling me how they make life special and deserve to be accompanied by Coke, but I have no idea what he's actually saying.

Aside to costume designer - why are you putting him in those terry cloth wristy things? Dignity.


Terry cloth wristy things appeals to the "common man." This is because most of Aamir Khan's roles which have been immensely popular have been what we call the "tapori" type. [A tapori a ruffian] Eg: Rangeela and Ghulam. So the wristy things bring those roles to mind.

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