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I have moved my response to AFJ's 8 things tag to my other blog, Pies Men Like, becuase it seemed to be a better fit over there. It has a bit of a Bollywood flavor anyway, though. No matter how I try I cannot contain my love of BW to just this site, despite my attempts at classification.

Speaking of which, I wonder what ths LCSH for this blog would be?
Motion pictures--India--Periodicals
Motion pictures--India--Reviews
Motion pictures--India--Personal narratives


Both "Motion pictures--India--Reviews" and
"Motion pictures--India--Personal narratives" would be perfect.
You know, it's probably right to move the tag because when I tagged you I was wondering how the tag would fit in overall with theme of the blog. But then I thought that I was tagging the person NOT the blog!
Obi Wan said…
LCSH bole to (means)???
AFJ - what was funny to me about making my list in my Bollywood mindset was even though I love cheesey romantic movies, a lot of the stock behaviors and character traits in romantic heroes are not, when it comes right down to it, particularly important to me. Sincere in his affections is about the only SRK-like thing I'd really want in a significant other.

Obi Wan - Library of Congress Subject Headings - in case anyone ever wanted to catalog my blog! I have a library science degree and even though I don't currently work in libraries, the desire to organize things sometimes runs wild in me.

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