from death to dismissal in nothing flat

Because when you have a few minutes to wait for the furnace duct estimate dude, you might as well watch some Bunty aur Babli, especially when you've just barely crawled out from under the duvet and you need a little sugar and a few steps with Aish and the Bachchans to get you going. So you watch "Kajra Re" and find yourself pausing and laughing becuase you enver noticed exactly how lofty and biting Aish's little pre-song teasing speech is.
Rare are those moments in life when desire calls. Come into my arms or come and slit my throat. Oh forget it. This give and take of hearts takes a lot of heart...and doing it so boldly for hte world to's a woman's art, you see. In this winning and losing of hearts, what are men worth?
Also, let's examine what Bunty has at the bar, shall we? One glass containing vodka, whiskey, gin, and rum. No wonder he falls off his barstool.


The "Kajra re" video is going around on the Internet nowadays.
Obi Wan said…
My Gawd, you've actually dissected the song. I hope Gulzar Saab doesn't get to see the English translation- the poor guy will have a heart attack!!!
Btw, have u seen the movie or just the song? Cos this is another movie where I laughed my heart out, but got gaalis from my friends to whom I'd recommended it for some total time-pass entertainment :-)
Ellie said…
We actually made Abhi's drink at home, in the spirit of experiment. But we made the wussy version, with a 1/2 shot of each... We're showing this movie to friends tomorrow and anybody who can drink what we now refer to as "The Bunty" wins our permanent admiration, and a big glass of water.

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