ewwww, but enjoyable: Lucky: No Time for Love

40-year-old Salman Khan is paired with 18-year-old Sneha Ullal. Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew. Even if we ignore that and just address the characters, we still have a schoolgirl with a man who has to be at least 23. Not exactly ew, but not exactly in good taste.

Okay, that's out of my system. I have to admit I enjoyed Lucky - it reminded me of The Saint in a good, although extended, sort of way, and finding yourself suddenly in a baroque-y gilded room full of theatrical props, with working electricity when the rest of the city seems to be under siege by terrorists, is a delight not to be underestimated.

Can someone who did not use the FF as much as I did help me out with the following:
  • When Lucky hides out in Adi's car outside the church, they must be relatively close to her bike ride from home to school, becuase she has reached the church on foot. So if they were that close to where she lives, why is he still on his way to a checkpoint (even one that requires passports) into the area? And why, when they camp in the cemetery, are they too far from home just to walk there?
  • How does the detective find them in the aforementioned puppet room, since Adi had given up his cell phone?
  • How does the weather go from warm enough to have green fields and trees during Lucky's ill-fated bike ride to school, or warm enough weather for her and her friends to dance around the city in their little schoolgirl skirts, to being so wintry that there are drifts of snow, a huge lake is frozen solidly enough to walk on, and you can get hypothermia?
  • This was pretty clearly filmed in St. Petersburg (and imdb says so). This is not where the Indian embassy would be. Consulate, people. Con-su-late. Or do Lucky, her sister, and her mom live in St. Petersburg but everyone else is in Moscow? No, that can't be right either, becuase they're all in the basement of the "embassy" at the end.
  • The song that starts out with religious chant - that's Gregorian chant in Latin, right? And should not be used on top of footage of Eastern Orthodox religious activities, right? This will require some research, or some polling of my ethnomusicologist friend, but I don't think those would overlap.

Sneha Ullal looks eerily like Aishwarya, does she not? Woah. I kept thinking we would get a brief flash forward to her as an adult, who would be played by Aish in a cameo I hadn't read about, all settled in with Adi. But no.

And I loved the "Hey Rama Rama" song ("Lucky Lips," I guess it is actually called, which is too bad, because that's a stupid name) so much I watched it again after I finished the movie and danced along in my little plaid skirt and coordinated legwarmers.


Obi Wan said…
I have no answers except for the one about the detective being able to find Salman. 'tis very simple- he's Mithunda, and as any movie-lover in India knows, nothing is impossible for Mithunda in his elements :-)
Personally, I found the movie too slow, and Sneha Ullal's acting, especially her dialogue delivery, extremely irritating! This is what happens when you let emotional considerations decide the casting for a movie!
At the time that Lucky was released here, Salman has broken up with then lady love Aishwarya Rai and there was a rumor (methinks it's a rumor; it could be malicius gossip too)in the air that since he couldn't have the real one, he settled for a copy!! Sneha Ullal is like a photo copy (but of course much much younger) of Aishwarya Rai.

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