Govindariffic*: Hero No. 1

If we buy the general theory that there is someone out there for everyone - and let's face it, as Bollywood watchers, we must have at least an intellectual interest in such an idea - then maybe we can also accept the idea that there is a person out there for every movie. And when I find the person who loves this movie more than any other, I will ask them to dance along the streets of Euro Disney with me while they explain themselves. This movie was completely enjoyable, sort of the way certain store-brand vanilla wafers are enjoyable - mostly satisfying, because they are sweet and crunchy, but still not quite what you were expecting.

This was my first Govinda movie, and I was not disappointed in his dancing abilities, and I was glad to finally realize who is in all those Eros previews for those movies I haven't heard of whose clips look much older than they really are. Karisma was her usual self, especially so in some dance moves that should have crippled her given the shoes she was wearing. And speaking of wearing, let us not overlook a completely sweet 90210-esque ensemble, complete with flouncy-skirt jumpers and bicycle shorts (often together). The plot contained all sorts of silly things, many of which I have forgotten but were entertaining at the time. All in all, sweet, crunchy, and well worth my $1 rental.

*term originated by another Bollywood reviewer, but too good not to use


Unknown said…
Deewana Mastana is another movie in which GOvinda, accompanied by Anil Kapoor, is a laugh riot. It's by David Dhawan as well.

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