good times times two: Duplicate

Meet Bablu, who loves his mom a lot
though a chef he is and a wrestler he's not.
But Manu - who has the same mug -
is really just a big ol' thug!
What a zany plot!

But they're duplicates!
They're Bollywood duplicates all the way.
One pair of matching Shahrukhs,
different as night and day.

Where Bablu is skilled at crème brulée,
loves Sonia and dear Bebe,
our Manu loves to rock and roll,
that Lilly makes him lose control,
vengeance makes his day.

Still, they're duplicates,
they're Bollywood duplicates and you'll find
they never laugh or walk alike
and hardly ever talk alike -
you can lose your mind
when Shahrukhs are two of a kind!

Highlights from Duplicate - and there are a lot of them, so it's hard to choose - include:
  • Sonia's nonsensical spurts of English
  • non-Japanese Japanese food
  • the world's ugliest banquet hall
  • very un-PC references to various East Asian cultures
  • Bablu and Bebe's brightly painted bathroom
  • the why-would-anyone-blow-this-up-to-8x10-and-frame-it photo of a confused-looking Bebe
  • Lilly's completely insane outfits in the nightclub scene, matched by her crimped hair
  • the incessant mouth- and tongue-centered gestures - who came up with that, and what are they implying?
  • Lilly's revenge, which I am ashamed to say I didn't see coming
  • a stellar display of Shahrukh's always-impressive range of nonverbal noises: sobs, coughs, cackles, etc.
  • the veggie song, which was so delightfully silly I had to watch it twice. This is now on my list of favorite song picturizations under the category of "just when I thought I had a handle on how goofy Bollywood can get, there's something new to discover."
Which, after all, is one of the true joys of watching Bollywood.


Hi Beth,

Totally! "Duplicate" is one of Bollywood's craziest films!
Isn't it the greatest?

I am going to have to take a looong look at your blog when I am more awake. It looks great!

Is your picture from the book Blankets? It looks like the drawings by that guy (I can see the book on my shelf from here but his name is too little). Whatever it's from, it looks really familiar....
Hi Beth, Sure take your time. Thanks so much for compliment.

My pic must be from the book blankets. I don't remember to well.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope to see you again!
its a fun movie. shahrukh's dumbest role ever. and juhi is awesome. i love this movie

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