Clearly he needs the love of a good woman.

[Thanks to Bollyhoo again for the good eye!]

Oh, Akshaye. I know you miss me, but that's no reason to lash out at others. But believe you me, you have p-lenty of sex appeal and you look good in every color - don't you listen to a word they say. Next time you camp out on my porch to wail in the night, I'm going to make you do daily affirmations. Or big canvases of unicorns. Your choice.

Just so we're clear, you mean "gives you the goosebumps" in the bad way, right?

Also, stop smoking. It's gross.


Nisha said…
OMG!!! Finally! A fellow Akshaye lover! I swear, i thought i was the only one. Other girls i know are swooning over Shah Rukh and Hrithik and all, but no Akshaye. :|
Yay!!!! I know, we're all on our own! Anytime you want to talk Akshaye, you know who to call! What's your favorite of his films?
Nisha said…
Has to be Dil Chahta Hai. He pulls off the sensitive guy bit with such charisma. *swoons* :D Yours?

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