I ordered a bundle of 12 movies off of eBay and I finally got to pick them up from the post office on Friday after work. I don't even know where to start. A few of them I have seen, and one DVD doesn't work (the one with Hum Tum, of coruse!) becuase it's scratched as all heck, but I found myself sitting on the living floor, remote in hand, surrounded by DVDs - and then I knew for sure I had a problem. Like having a blog all on one topic wasn't enough of a sign. Anyhoo, what should I watch first? My favorite? A visually stunning one? Or perhaps re-visit the first one I ever saw, which I suspect is not going to hold up very well? And, to top it off, because I am a junkie, I rented two more today for the long weekend. Or should I just re-watch the credits to Main Hoon Na over and over again, watching Shahrukh pop out of the banner that says "thrills"?


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I love the MHN credits; everyone's just so damn happy. I always feel bad for those people with the illegible blue sign, though. (Unless that's just my crappy TV/DVD combo.)
Oh, I don't think I know which people they are yet! I will let you know if I discover their true identities. Perhaps they are long-lost brothers or something.

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