shout-out to Tanaaz Currim

Because I have seen her in more movies than any other female star or co-star except Aishwarya Rai, this is a heart-felt "you rock" to my favorite sidekick actor of all time, Tanaaz Currim. This woman has played the "best friend" in several films, for which she has suffered the indignity of being attacked by a lunatic, wearing a really fake-looking wig (if that's her real hair in RHTDM, I want to know what they did to it), being stuck in a bad twist on that short plaid schoolgirl skirt fad that comes around every few years while watching her friend get Hrithik's heavy stares, and raising a kid in New York with a husband who apparently is never home and certainly doesn't come with her to India for her sister's wedding. I love this actor. I honestly think she's quite good - it's hard to play the sidekick at an appropriate level, neither too mousy nor too spastic (Johnny Lever, I'm talkin' to you), neither faceless nor interfering (Kareena's Spice Girls-esque quartet in MPKDH). Just supportive and funny and helpful without getting all up in your business without being asked. Just the way a friend should be.

Update to post (September 22, 2005): See? She totally rocks! And now IndiaTimes knows it too.


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