Long, long ago in a galaxy somewhere near the subcontinent....

Just watched - or rather "watched/fast-forwarded through" - Episode II. Soooooo bad. But even before it got dreadful, my mind wandered off, thinking perhaps a scene might be improved by some Bollywood elements. It seems ripe for the picking. You have the gorgeous, elaborate outfits of Padme. You have Obi-Wan and his fancy footwork with billowing cape. You have grand-scale good vs. evil. You have grand buildings with sweeping, orante architecture. You have Yoda, better animated and more eloquent than MPKDKH's parrot and dog, although similarly cute and pint-sized.

After seeing Padme get whipped with a chain, her shirt back tearing open, and remembering Leia with Jabba, I must ask: does anyone else think George Lucas has a some sort of pain- and chain-based fetish?


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