He's not heavy, he's your brother!: the rest of Main Hoon Na

Like real life, it all goes downhill after prom. As is no doubt clear from everything I write here, I prefer to dwell on the comedy and romance elements of the Bollywood mix, and most of that was lost after the very fabulous 50s-inspired prom, except for the slightly steamy "we can sit on my bed and clean your wounds while I accidentally-on-purpose put my face a few millimeters from yours becuase you're not really my student" scene between Ram and Chandni, which, by the way, Sushmita, seems like a very effective move. Will just file that away for later use, in case I am ever in love with an undercover army wing commander. The helicoper thing was just silly - why didn't it fly closer to the roof in the first place, so young Lucky didn't have to almost get his arm yanked out of its socket in order to save Ram as he jumped off the roof?

Big bonus points to whomever came up with that bit about the brothers fiddling with their hair in the same way. And with Chandni's color-coordinated sari and notebook ensembles. My inner seventh-grader is sooo jealous.

So it's 1:19 on a Saturady morning and I am still up, doing this, when I should have gone to bed over an hour ago becuase I have to get up by 9:00. What is wrong with me? I need my strength for tomorrow - I'm watching Sholay for the first time! And showing some BW film of my choosing, yet to be determined, to my boss, who has only seen Bride and Prejudice and Kandukondain Kandukondain, both at my prompting. She loved them. I told her about Main Hoon Na but I think that two nights in a row would be too much.... Suggestions?


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I found the action-y parts of MHN kind of tedious, too. As for suggestions, I don't know... My personal favorite is Kal Ho Naa Ho, but that's probably largely due to the winning performance of my fake pretend movie boyfriend. Devdas is full of hammy acting and unconvincing relationships, but it does bring the spectacle, eye-candy, and melodrama. On the other hand, Dil Chahta Hai is pretty good on the relationshippy stuff, but doesn't have as much in the way of big movie moments. Of course, if your boss looking for trashy ridiculousness, then neither of those really fit the bill. Yeah, I'm of no help at all. Good luck with your movie screening, though.
I was going to do KKHH, but my DVD of that is at my friend's house and I was too lazy to go get it. So we watched Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, which I think is really pretty. She LOVED it! And I must tell you that Ajay Devgan really grew on me. Somehow when I saw it a few months ago I completely missed the scene where he does the weird Hungarian folk dancing. That totally made my day.

Hey, do you know if Saif Ali Khan has any action movies? My friend is jonesin', having seen Shahrukh's wire work in Main Hoon Na.
MonkeyBit said…
I think the prom scene is supposed to be '60's inspired.... I'll have to check my notes. I wish I had a nickel for every film where SRK's hairplay is featured- it's a theme!
monkeybit - Definitely 60s inspired! And I agree about the hairspray - and if we get money for Zayed, we'll be twice as rich!

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