take this job and shove it: Aa Ab Laut Chalen

Shocker to find out this was made in 1999. Looked waaaaaay older. I guess that's what "low production values" means. I wonder if, as an American, it's fundamentally a little harder to appreciate stories about people moving here from other countries, facing western temptations, losing themselves in cash and booze and loose morals, then realizing their mistakes when they hit the bottom, finding a nice girl from the old country, and going back. Part of me thinks that if the only reason you want to move to a country is to make a quick buck, you're gonna end up associating with the wrong people and aren't seeing the real value of that place. Let me clarify that there's a difference between taking opportunities where they come because you want to do better for your family, etc., and milking innocent people or formulating grand plans and schemes, such as, in this case, marrying someone for a greencard. You sort of deserve what you get if you try to be shifty.

That said, I'm glad the boy ended up with the nice girl, because she really was nice - and smart and sassy too. Long-lost father disappearing out of nowhere was a pleasant surprise too.

The subtitles were awful on this DVD. They came up about halfway through someone speaking and carried over into another actor's reply, so it was a little hard to sort out who said what. And the songs weren't subtitled at all. They were also done by people who didn't seem to know English well and said things like "the Seaside Hides Hotel," which I assume was either Hideaway or Heights, and "I am your friend long time."


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