Does a clown car of actors have better luck in traffic?

After just a few minutes into my ninth Indian movie, if you don't count Bend It Like Beckham, Monsoon Wedding, and Bride and Prejudice, once again I had to stop and go online to find out where I had seen every single one of those people before. (See previous post on this same topic.) The internet is "super wow," as I have heard in movies lately, for straightening out the plot too, since about fifteen people have come on screen in five minutes.

Maybe this phenomenon is true of US or British films too and I just don't notice it because the actors are so much a part of the background to me, because I've known them for so long. After all, everything seems interesting and exciting and has a lot of impact to me as I feed this new addiction, so maybe I'm just hyper aware. On the other hand, some of these actors have been in literally hundreds of movies, not just as background folks but as main characters.

Hum Saath-Saath Hain is okay. No biggie. Werid to see Salmaan Khan being moody and quiet.


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