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a very Bolly new year to you and yours

wacky misunderstandings + commentary on the illogical nature of English + Sharmila = goodness: Chupke Chupke

ewwww, but enjoyable: Lucky: No Time for Love

the girl in the video store did warn me this was bad: Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya

Shahrukh in a soup: Baadshah

this message brought to you by the Ministry of Really Stupid Ideas: Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

using your powers for good


the defenestration of my decorum

from death to dismissal in nothing flat

to every writer her book

Kajol, girl detective!: Baazigar

I was totally going to call you but an animated snake ate my phone: Nayak

a song like you should wear a warning

good times times two: Duplicate

'tis a puzzle

Shaka laka, baby! Bollywood/Hollywood

The big five-oh? You don't look a day over 31!: Yes Boss

I am thankful for...

Bollywood college sign inventory

Main Hoon Na revisited

proving that every man, no matter how drunk, looks great in a tux: Raja Hindustani

Jai Ramji Ki!: Swades

beause it would break my heart, that's why

Clearly he needs the love of a good woman.

TMI: further research on Dil Se

Dil Se

Wave your flags in the air like you just don't care!: Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Govindariffic*: Hero No. 1


but I'm still not dancing with Salman

trauma-drama-o-rama: Parineeta

justice meted out in dainty teacups: Sarkar

with apologies to the community

Shahrukh can pop into my bedroom whenever he wants: Veer-Zaara

Unfairly maligned, copmpletely enjoyable film seeks understanding audience: Khushi

Aaah, so maybe that's why Bollywood has yet to successfully invade our fair pop culture shores.

The wheel of dharma does turn back up again, right?

I don't do it for the toaster. (However, the dance lessons from Akshaye are a definite perk.)

more thoughts on Hum Tum

Beth Watkins: BollyWood BookWorm

I heart Hum Tum

...and five and six and seven and eight

This is what's called a lunchtime poll.

Fake-Pretend or True-For-Real?; or, Suneil Shetty as the Voice of Reason: Hulchul

Clue on crack: Hungama

May your dreams be more vast than your arms can stretch: Bunty aur Babli