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Sometimes it's impossible to know where to even begin with these 70s Filmfares, so amazing are they as artifacts from film culture of the past (and the ads alone are priceless). The issue of September 15, 1978, caught my eye for its short article on Vinod Khanna's announcement of leaving the film industry. It's the first contemporary source I've seen that uses actual quotes from him, as well as a few from colleagues on The Burning Train, which he was filming at the time.

This weird collage makes it look like he's holding a ventriloquist dummy of himself. Voice-throwing aside, I'd love to see someone try to work a miniature of the one-man-band outfit from Amar Akbar Anthony!
Click the images below for legible close-ups.

Awwww! Khanna betas!

It also had a little article on Vinod and Shashi Kapoor being signed and un-signed for Manoj Kumar's Kranti.

I haven't seen Kranti yet, but it's fascinating to imagine a role that could work equally, or even equitably, well performed by these two stars. Their skill sets seem so different.

A set of blurbs about Geetanjali Khanna (containing the very useful phrase "bored and bothered by the long Vinod-less hours and days at home") and Jennifer Kendal (working on Urdu for Junoon). The latter piece also mentions Shashi doing fundraising for a cancer hospital, in addition for the future Prithvi Theater. Dil squish!

"What's Shooting" in September 1978? Dharmendra and Zeenat in C.I. D.; Shashi and Bindu in Apna Khoon (see their fun qawwali here); Amitabh and Rekha in Mr. Natwralal; and Jeetenra and Neetu in Aatish.

And because I had promised to post this ages ago, here is the regular feature "Tispy Queries" with Rekha (by Gurmeet Singh, December 4, 1970)! How cute is she?


dustdevil liz said…
Aw, I want to go let air out of tires with Rekha.

The Vinod Khanna article was a fascinating read. I remember all of the news when the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was in Oregon (and seeing followers in the airport), and then I lived in that part of Oregon, so I'm always curious about that stuff.
Jay said…
70s Bollywood was great. IMO, it was heavily influenced by the counterculture movement in the west. 70s was probably the first time movies showed young characters as free (within the norms of Insian society). Gone were the sarees, and bell bottoms were in. Although they wouldn;t go so far as show the main characters kissing

And, the heroines were stunning. I remember as a teenage boy in the 90s, I was mesmerised by a "flashback" Filmfare issue that had about 20 pages of glamor shots from the 70s. I became addicted to that issue
Thanks a lot for this gem Beth, I was about to ask what the answers to Rekha questions were, but then realised it was all in the pictures ;)
Thank you for posting these- love em every time you post any. LOVE that pic with the Khanna boys! they still look the same- kinda :D This is the 2nd time today I've heard about Neetu's Atish, and I am hungering for it now.
Anonymous said…
Vintage Shashi is something we need more of in the world. Thank you Beth for understanding and loving his awesomeness! I love your blog!!
Thanks Filmwalli! Always nice to meet another Shashi fan, and you'll find TONS of Shashi stuff here. (Too much, some would say, I'm sure, but it's my blog!)

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