more assorted Kapoors from Filmfare

Following up last week's post about the Kapoor family tree, here is an article from Filmfare (December 4, 1970) with a few recollections about Raj and some text descriptions of some of the family relationships (branching out all the way to actress Naaz, who married Prithviraj's nephew)!

Note the little picture of young Rishi and Raj with Shammi and Shashi hamming in silly hats!

Shammi in an amazing shirt while filming Rajkumar!

Sadhana's headpiece is no less amazing.

Babita wearing something I want to steal, head to toe.

I'm not saying I'd wear all of it simultaneously outside the privacy of my living room. But I want it anyway.

Shashi and Asha Parekh.

I really wish they'd done more films together - I like them so much as a pair.

And Shashi in the regular Filmfare feature "Tipsy Queries."

I found two more of these with Rekha and Bindu (I promise to share them later). So silly!


Banno said…
Shashi Kapoor as a paanwala! He'd mint money, wouldn't he? Even now.
dustdevil liz said…
I'm in love with Tipsy Queries! Can't wait to see the Rekha and Bindu editions, and any more, if you track them down. They should totes resurrect this feature.

(my verification word is "nidli" which makes me want an idli.
The Bolly Hood said…
You can't beat these off-beat pictorials! (Great find!) It's a shame Bollywood stars these days try and recreate the magic of yesteryear in Stardust etc. but all end up looking one and the same... Not Katrina Kaif again...
Are you kidding me I love the Tipsy Queries feature, they should bring it back and yes Rekah's one please I am looking forward to that. How bold of them to ask if he likes Girls, what answer were they expecting and would he even have told them if he felt otherwise
harvey said…
@ bollywood deewana: one can interpet his facial features in different manners. I remember an interview of his from late 80s, where he says "Why does everybody ask me about interesting women? I could tell you about some intersting boys". This is not a word-to-word quote but something on these lines. As I read that my jaw reached the cellar! But naturally, that could mean anything! But returning to Tipsy Queries: the very fact that they ask such a question makes me wonder.

@ beth: Saw all the Kapoor Khazana and am floored. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
You are great! Carry on the good work and think about us poor people without excess to this khazana trove and let some crumbs fall down for us! :-)
harvey said…
I meant naturally access and not excess. my fingers are getting rusty and my brain is getting hollow!
khan said…
great!! you are mentioned in this article. :)
Shilpi Bose said…
Enjoy seeing these old photos.
Filmiholic said…
"A Spreading Banyan" ??? Really??? Good Lord, for that alone the magazine is worth it!

If you changed it to "The Spreading Banyan" you could almost use it for a mock soap opera of yesteryear...

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