Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: you can't make this stuff up

HRH Pitu Sultan has brought to my attention a very Friday-appropriate song that leaves me speechless. Behold the
tap dance
top hat
totem pole
garter belt
silver geometric set pieces
cowboy hats
tuxedo pants
random Superman
oversized golden gun that shoots dancers
WONDER that is "Udi Baba Udi Baba" from Vidhaata (1982):

As if all that weren't enough, Tom Alter is in there! Of course, somebody/bodies actually did make this stuff up, and to them I am eternally grateful.

Don't know about you, but I'm about 1000% more ready for the weekend than I was before I watched this.


Pitu said…
This song is a personal favorite. It's among the most played on ye olde ipod and always gets me doing the Padmini dance. I excel at the 'Bang Bang!' shooting choreography ;-) I hereby order you to watch Vidhaata! As a Sanju Baba fan, I must convert all of you! You will thank me! :-D
VLoveMovies said…
I was under the impression that everybody over the age of 25 in the world knew about Udi Baba, but clearly I have been misled.

Next you'll say you don't know who Usha Uthup is.
Pitu - It really is awesome in almost every conceivable way! And I have added the film at #1 on my netflix queue.

V - We are not all so lucky to have been raised on a steady stream of Hindi disco. PITY US. And yes of course I know who Usha Uthup is.
Oh my, amazing. Those 80's Hindi disco songs were absolutely unique. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Neha said…
You forgot stage smoke and giant cigars? Hahaha this is awesome
harvey said…
I remember this song being played day in day out on Vivid Bharati and although I hated tthis song, I found myself humming it.
Anarchivist said…
WOW! That was amazing.
Amaluu said…
I will never forget this song because of the Indians in my community (Metro Detroit) that tried to perform it on stage, with black/silver sparkly costumes and canes. Awesomeness. I miss Padmini Kohlapuri. Have you seen the Saat Saheliyaan song?
bollylitsa said…
Oh my God, this is a weird coincidence... for the past two weeks I have a crush on Sanjay Dutt... watched many of his hit movies, especially those with Madhuri. This clip is like a cherry on the top of my cake :)))
Ashley said…
I had better add it to my queue, too! We'll see who gets it first!!!! Muuuahhhh!!!!
Anita said…
This one is a gem. The lyrics r classic in their inaneness. BTW...there is a blogging contest going on, winners will be fown to Colombo for the IIFA awards. SRK and Salman are performing live. here's the link:
Giftwithlove said…
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Vinayak Razdan said…
A favourite. But for some strange reason I always thought Jitendra did the Udi Baba song in Superman costume. There's ctually wordplay in the 'Udi Baba', its an exclamation and it could also mean Flying man.
Bollywood said…
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