like a house on fire: superior interiors of the 70s

If you weren't already feeling like your wardrobe was tragically drab, now it's time to take a look around the room you're sitting in and bemoan its lack of wedding-cake stairs, gilded statues, and carpeted walls. But never fear! Keep reading to see how you can fab it up, 70s filmishtyle! Homes, offices, hotels, and nightclubs are all rich sources of design ideas.* Peruse the selections of inspirational decor below but be warned: these ideas are most definitely not approved by Martha Stewart.

grand rooms, architectural trim, arches, balconies, and stairs


wallpaper, wall art, doors, and windows

chairs, tables, and beds

textiles, shelves, sculptures, lamps, and bric-a-brac

...and of course you'll need a drink in your snazzy new bar!

* I didn't include many villain lairs because they form a separate project.


Rae said…
This takes me back to 1979 when my family stayed at the Playboy Club in New Jersey. It looked just like all of this! Come to think of it, all the pictures I have of my mom in her fab green polyester jumpsuit are from a fancy dinner at the Playboy Club. I may have found the source of my affinity for Bollywood...
Anirban said…
What an exceptional collection! The only thing missing are the tiger-skins. ;)
Ava said…
Breathtaking ! I wonder where they found all these interiors. Some of these were actual houses where people lived !
Rum said…
OMG Beth all of these designs are making me wanna redo my room! We're getting renovations done at my house, and I'm hoping to have some funkadelic wallpaper and ideally in my loft I'd like to greet everyone with that snazzy walking thingy from Amjad's lair in Parvarish!
Gwenynen said…
Hah! My Sunday was oh-so-drab before this :-) Thank you, and also for the bonus Shashi and Amit-droolable photos! Just what I needed today.
Ellie said…
My eyes!! They're burning with joy!
Christy - You and I are only a year apart and I too think there is a connection for my fondness for 70s Bollywood and my happy childhood memories (and the yellowing, square photos documenting it).

Anirban - SO TRUE! How could I miss those! At least there's a full-on tiger :)

avdi - I wonder that too! The oval staircase with the gold pendant lamp REALLY intrigues me - I've seen it twice now, and I'm betting it was in a hotel, which I can only dream STILL STANDS :)

Rum - I KNOW! Please do consider a few walls of wild patterns and room for a sand pit :)

Gwenynen - Heehee, then my work here is done :)
Whoopsie forgot Ellie: are you sure that burning is not a result of Teen Patti? Shashi et al would not want to be the cause of any discomfort (unless you are in a masala death trap, in which case, MWAHAHAHAHA).
Unknown said…
Marvelous! When it's complied all together like this it is like Baroque style on acid, and I loooove it! It's a pity it every fell out of style... we can always bring it back though. Oh yes!
Amrita said…
That is one hella lot of red, pink and fabulous! I haz wallpaper envy. The odd things that B-wood gives me.

I have decided that in my dream house, instead of a giant painting or mural on one wall, the way I'd always imagined it, I shall have a giant blow up of this post instead. Conversation piece!
Anonymous said…
There were people who regularly rented out their houses for film-shoots - many of them looked like these :) This was in Bangalore, back in the 70s and 80s - we even knew someone who "remodeled" her house adding a sweeping staircase and balcony, and painting the place in filmy colors as the last movie-shoot had apparently said her house was getting "old-fashioned" and may not be in demand any more!

Erin - It is most definitely goin' for baroque in KRAZZY4 sort of way. I LURVE IT!

Amrita - It damn is! There are many, many things Bollywood has given me (we really must write that list up), and a new fondness for the fashions of my childhood is a big one. EEEE I was so born at the right time, apparently.

I am only sad that the images in this post are not nearly high enough resolution to suit your wall-sized purposes, but on the other hand, extreme pixelization will just add to the WTF/acid trip feel, so I think that is RIGHT ON.

M - Really! That is so cool! It'd be so fun to try to put together a tour of those and any remaining locations/sets....
I'm hoping to have some funkadelic wallpaper and ideally in my loft I'd like to greet everyone with that snazzy walking thingy from Amjad's lair in Parvarish!

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