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I don't know how I didn't know about V Love Movies until just a few days ago, nor do I remember which particular gem in a pirate's hoard of tweets and links finally made my lightbulb turn on. I do know that the right thing to do with this knowledge now that I have it is to share it. Here is the self-description (with original emphasis intact): is your guide to Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond, giving you reviews, features and more on all the things you adore about cinema. The newest blockbusters, the finest classics, the quirky, the strange, the unexpected and more, served up with passion, intelligence and love.
How could you not want to read that? Intelligence and love are my favorite things! Nor, of course, do I shake a stick at passion when it comes my way, but Shashi does not seem to let it out of 70s Bombay very often.

In an unrelated aside (house specialty!), I promised the author that I would reprint here something I wrote in a comment on one of his posts. He invented the word "Shahidporn" to describe some of what happens in Chance Pe Dance:
Even the straightest man in the world will at least be entertained by the repeated episodes of Shahidporn we are treated to, because even shirtless and pop-and-locking to jarring tunes, he’s somehow more likable than his more famous contemporaries.
You know me - I love a useful new word. I had to try it out immediately and came up with this: “For debate: Dil Bole Haddipa is YRF getting its kink out with cross-dressing Rani, booty-shaking Rakhee, and cleavage-thrusting Shahidporn." Ajnabi, this one's for you!


allvishal said…
Heh, thanks so much for the link love! Now I have an excuse to not let the site lay fallow for months at a time and post more! :)
"Heh" is one of the most mysterious words of the internet. But yeah. More posts!
Vishal said…
I usually prefer BWAHAHAHA myself, but that doesn't always go over as I intended it.
Sal said…
Very apt! My sister used to refer to the gratuitous close-ups of Ash's eyes in every effin' movie she's been in "Ash-ophilia" and your marvelous new word reminded me of that (on an aside: I do love myself some gratuitous Ash-eyes close-ups).
The only trouble with BWAHAHAHA is that is has decidedly evil over- and undertones, so as fun as it is to say, it is not completely appropriate as often as one would wish. At least if one were me.

Sal - Oooh that's a good one! You're so right! Rani gets that treatment too sometimes, doesn't she?
Sal said…
Now that you mention it, Rani DOES get lots of smoky-eyed, silently seductive lingering closeups. Why hasn't anyone cast this woman as a heartless femme fatale (potentially opposite Abhishek Bachchan) yet?
Sal - YES PLEASE let us make that film! Ranishek is BLB's favorite jodi and I also think she'd do a great morally darker character.
Sharon said…
PSA: Chance pe Dance totally not worth it, despite the ShahidPorn... :'-(

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