Filmi Secret Santas day 11: requisite romance

"The masala epic known as Secret Santa takes a strange turn in the last reel, which seems to have no relationship to the story so far...."

For those of you who have not met me in person, this is exactly what life at my house is like. C'mon over!


Pitu said…
HAHA I love your interior decor. You should go into business, that's how good you are :)
I really, really love the lairs. :)
Shellie said…
One word: FABULOUS!!!
Temple said…
Lairs! How much do we love a lair? So much...And what a thoughtful Santa!
Sharon said…
As fabulous as the lair is - and it is super-fabulous - the more important question is, what name does your supervillainness alter-ego go by?
shell - Agreed! :)

Temple - Indescribably much!

Sharon - Funny you should ask! I have been mulling over what would happen if I discovered I had a long-lost masala twin (and which of us would be the bad/vampy one!), but I had not gotten around to her having a name. I think Beth is Hebrew for "house of the lord" or some such and OH MY GOD as I type this I realize that "villain lair" is pretty freaking opposite to "house of the lord" so maybe my twin (or alter ego)'s name is just "villain lair"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Whoa. :)
Temple said…
Beth - Maybe her name is Rani La Villi (a nerdy VIllain Lair anagram...)
San said…
This is fantastic. Your secret santa has put so much effort in - bravo!
Anarchivist said…
About that "House of the Lord"/ "Villain Lair" thing .... I second that "Whoa!" Trippy, dude!
Anarchivist said…
BUT -- can't take too much credit for effort put in, since Beth did all the screencapping herself. :) Except for the breakfast nook, which I stole from Memsaab. I know I've seen fight scenes in enormous kitchens, but couldn't find a screencap.

I've been trying to figure out how to reveal my identity, other than just going "IT'S ME! IT'S ME!" So, well, IT'S ME!

Merry Christmas, Beth -- it was an honor to be your Secret Santa! :)

And this was so much fun, I suggest we do more silly things like this in the New Year. Institute an occasional Random Act of Wackness of something.

Speaking of which, your Twelfth Day of Secret Santa is coming in the mail. Beware!
Kanan said…
Gorgeous.. the bathroom's my favorite. :)
Happy Xmas all!

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