update from Vienna

where I am sitting in the flat of the fabulous Ms. Babasko and listening to soundtracks. We watched Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana with the adorable Siddharth last night, which I will do a proper write-up of later - the keyboards here are arranged differently and I cannot keep track of where the apostrophe and dash are and I imagine readers have only so much patience for surprise ß and ö - but for now just be happy that there is a popular Indian film that includes "Oh Baby Baby" in it (announcing the seductress, appropriately).

Also, I just read that Rediff wants readers to vote for the sexiest Bollywood actress in honor of Women's Day on March 8, and they accompany the article with a picture of a dripping wet Bipasha Basu in a white shirt. Shame, Rediff. I'd like to think that they are just embracing women's right to be sexual and to control their own bodies and images, but somehow I doubt it. It smacks of skank, frankly. If they really wanted to honor women in Bollywood, why don't they ask readers to vote for the most important contributions ot the film industry by women, for who writes the most interesting roles for women, or what actress they would like to see in xyz roles? Grrr.


ggop said…
Ugh. Disgusted by the Rediff link.
Have fun in Europe Beth!
alienvoord said…
That's not Bollywood, that's Tollywood!
Thanks ggop! And I'm glad you agree about the rediff. It really ticked me off. I really need for more people to see women as more than this.

And alienvoord, I know, I know, and I meant to write in print that I knew, but I forgot. I'm going to blame it on the screwy keyboard that makes it too hard to type beyond the bare minimums. Um...yeah, that's the ticket.
Sanket Vyas said…
Glad you are having fun in Vienna! Expected more from rediff but this is just plain bad taste. Anyway, my vote for the most important woman in Bollywood has to be Devika Rani. The first bonafide female superstar in Hindi films as well as the first female producer as well. I did a write up of her incredible life story on my blog if anyone is interested. Her movies actually had lip to lip kissing - eat your heart out rediff! :)
pied piper said…
It smacks of skank, frankly.

according to Rediff itself, the technical term is apparently "bootylicious oomph."
Anonymous said…
Have fun on this side of the planet! I love NVNN. Fantastic movie, made me a Siddharth fan.

Anyway, Livejournal's tag system is so annoying. I recently realized it only links to 100 entries of the tag. So I figured I'd only keep the review/picspam posts under the bollywood-tag and other type Bollyposts under other bollywood-related tags. So since you're linking to the main tag.. Sorry if there are less posts on it from now on. If you want, you can just link to the main blog. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth!

Yeah, that's pretty disgusting and it undermines the whole point of the day.

I forgot to mention in my introduction comment that I love your header/banner thingies. They crack me up! Sometimes I sit here and refresh the page just to see new ones. When I saw the Steven Colbert one about Preity Zinta, I think I almost fell out of my chair laughing. That was defintiely one of my favorite lines in his whole tirade. That and the Bangrometer. I had to download the epsiode from iTunes to watch it, since unfortunately, we don't get The Colbert Report in China.

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